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I live, sleep and breathe automated income. There is NOTHING on the Internet that compares to putting up websites, setting them to run automatically, and watching the money roll in.
And my customers tell me over and over again that they couldn't agree more.
And YES, some of the income we make comes from Adsense. So if you've bought into the rumor that Adsense is dead, think again. While the "johnny-come-lately's" and the "me-toos" are now running off to try their new venture of the month (whatever that might be) I have held fast...

...because I know something they don't know.

First of all, AdSense is NOT DEAD. It has changed, and for the better. You can no longer slap up junk sites and expect to get rich by next Tuesday. Not that it ever happened, anyway, but certain marketers were certainly hoping you would believe that just long enough to lay out your cash for their latest, greatest system.

AdSense no longer rewards people for putting up junk sites. AdSense does reward Webmasters who have QUALITY content. The junk sites were a loophole, and Google closed that loophole to the benefit of everyone.

I have made an extensive and exhaustive study of what users want in a website. I know what brings them in, what keeps them on the site, and what gets them to refer the site to others.

I can put up a site and be making money withing 24 hours, as I've proven with my Visitor Sense videos I recently released. In these videos I showed how anyone can optimize their site to get it spydered and indexed almost immediately, to have a steady stream of visitors coming within hours of the site going live, and be making money within 24 hours.

In fact, you may have heard the sound of their jaws dropping when they saw me hit a # 1, #2 and a #3 spot on Google in just 24 hours!

I do not try to "beat" the system. Instead, I work within the system to make everyone happy. Users are happy with the content, Google is happy that users are happy, and I'm happy that I'm making money.

And when I share my turn-key systems with my customers, I can assure you that they are very, very happy, as you will see by the testimonials below.

Are you going to get rich with AdSense overnight? Could you ever? But you can make a great income, and AdSense is just ONE of several passive income streams you will earn with this Niches-In-A-Box membership.

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